Who are Consult Explo?
We are those who will give you the power to gain wealth.
We are the team of people motivated to find the best ways of investment for you. How do we find the best ways? We invest in many of our projects ourselves. So, we recommend you only what we are confident in. But even if we do not invest in the project it is thoroughly checked by the best experts so that you can see more reliable ways for yourself to increase wealth.

Our company advises on investment in real property, offers ways of reliable and cost-effective investments in bank and lease real property. We also offer legal support and insurance of your deals both in Ukraine and in Spain. With our help you may acquire your own housing without exposing yourself to the risk of making an unprofitable purchase.
You may find out more about each of the services in the relevant sections on the website, or leave the request to contact our manager.
We know the answers to frequently asked questions, if you cannot find the answer - just contact us.
What are the advantages of investing in coliving?
Coliving means that a person leases a finished apartment equipped for comfortable life. But only people who have similar views on life, hobbies and interests move into the house. These houses usually have several common areas for relaxation, communication and entertainment. The main advantage of living in such complexes is the service (cleaning, washing, delivery, taxi call, etc.), which allows the residents to concentrate more on work and favourite activities. That is why the coliving system is gaining popularity. In Ukraine, this format is still new and we are one of the first to introduce it. As to a young and progressive population, it is more interesting for them to receive additional services than to use ordinary lease. This format is the future. And investing in the future has always been the most profitable.
What risks are associated with investing in real property?
It should be understood that there is no investment with a zero-risk level. However, real property is one of the areas with the lowest risks and the highest return on investment. Disreputable developers or problems with documents may bring serious problems. In our case we build facilities ourselves and do not start construction work until we have a complete package of carefully checked documents. And since we also serve these facilities, their quality is important for Consult Explo at every stage. The risk remains only in case of situations that cannot be foreseen and worked out in advance (for example, an economic collapse).
How quickly will I start making a profit after investing?
The rapidity of making a profit depends on the stage at which you invest. Prior to the conclusion of the contract, the client is informed about the date of commissioning of the facility (if you invest during the construction stage). If you are ready to wait, there is an opportunity to purchase an apartment at the foundation stage at a better price. As a rule, 10-12 months pass from the moment of finishing foundation to commissioning. The closer to completion of construction you invest in the project, the longer the payback period. That is, you will start to receive the first profit much faster, but the investment will be paid back later due to the higher cost of the almost finished facility. You can always contact us to find out details and choose the most favourable option for you.
Why Ukraine?
In recent years, Ukraine has become a popular country for foreign students. Every year their requests for leasing residential spaces are growing. They wish to find more comfortable conditions and are therefore ready to pay more. Basically, of course, we are talking about Kyiv. Young people who are developing in their business or families willing to live in better conditions and receive better service also move here. Therefore, we may conclude that by investing in real property in Ukraine in Kyiv, you will never face the problem of searching for a lessee. Consult Explo will relieve you of these concerns because we provide realtor services and work to ensure that your apartments are always leased out.
Why should we invest in Spain?
Spain is a very attractive country in terms of real property investments. Despite the fact that the cost of real property in this country is higher than in Ukraine, Spain has been holding the position of one of the most profitable and attractive places for investors from Ukraine and Europe for several years. The country has a wonderful climate, friendly people and, accordingly, an active flow of tourists. Developed tourism means a high demand for real property. By contacting Consult Explo, you will receive an individual service for selection of investments taking into account your budget. We accompany all processes from the beginning to the end of the deal.
What is there in Spain that is not in my country?
Climate. It’s soft but varied. If you love freshness and coolness, choose your residential space near to the ocean. Sun and warm beaches and, of course, the sea. Healthy and tasty food. Everyone praises the Mediterranean cuisine for its healthiness and richness. The best seafood, always fresh vegetables and fruits, simple but delicious dishes - this is about Spain. At the same time, prices in the country remain affordable for both Europeans and residents of ex-USSR countries.
People. The Spaniards are kind and smiling. The country's mentality will delight anyone. They are never in a hurry, they know how to have a good rest, stay out of other people personal space, while they are always glad to meet new people and communicate with them. It is not possible to describe all the advantages in such a short answer. Please contact us for more details.
Why is it profitable for me to choose Consult Explo?
The client, his needs, opportunities and tasks are always in the first place for us. You may always count on our individual approach, since none of our team has.
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